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Sebastian Wentzel

Industrial Valves | Special Solutions | Engineering Partner

Sebastian Wentzel

Combining technical expertise and client-oriented actions.

For doing that kind of business you need the curiosity to discover a technical world and the serious desire to explore new things and thoughts. Only with such an incentive can you learn something about your customers and their needs.

Interest in new and exciting technologies lets you see customer wishes from completely different perspectives.

Inspiring technologies should always be shared.

Cheers, Sebastian

About Me.

I am an International Sales Manager at the German valve manufacturer Mankenberg GmbH and single entry point for every special request. We are a strong team of engineers, technicians and valve specialists. Together we find solutions, even if we have to design it only for you.

As an expert for special valve solutions and technically oriented engineer at Mankenberg GmbH, I would like to share my knowledge with you, show you several and already delivered solutions. That is why we have created this BLOG. Tell me your problem and I will give you a solution. With 134 years of experience in valves and its special applications we have a strong knowledge so that we should also solve your problem.

Years old
Years at Mankenberg GmbH
Provided solutions

Now about Mankenberg.

Mankenberg – basically just the company I work for.

“Give us the opportunity to think and work for you.” – This was the main intention of Gustav Mankenberg, the founder of the company.
Since 1885 we still live this slogan in designing and producing special valves as per customer’s needs.

Designed and made in Germany, this is what we stand for.

Want to read more? Mankenberg.com

Need to talk? Drop a line…

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About Sebastian Wentzel
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