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    Innovations of water suppliers and the water industry

The German water supply companies (WVU) are full of innovations.

In the course of Industry 4.0, the latest technologies are being used

to protect the environment, build efficient plants and meet the growing demand for clean drinking water. Innovations are not a buzzword, but a necessary condition in water management. Increasing demand with decreasing resources, e.g. due to decreasing groundwater formation as a socio-economic problem, requires innovative technology.

And the water industry is responding. The answer is state-of-the-art supply networks, modern wastewater treatment methods, intelligent systems, improved supply circuits and ever finer measuring methods for drinking water quality. All of this is bringing entire industries to life. They measure chromium VI concentrations in well water, the conductivity of water, substance quantity concentrations of water impurities, nitrate quantities in groundwater, and much more.



WVU plant designers need innovative input

The world of water management is becoming increasingly complex. Osmosis filters, treatment plants with sand or coal, filter monitoring systems, pressure measurements in the tank systems, optimized and networked sewer systems, level measuring stations; all advanced and state-of-the-art technology that plant designers in the WVU sector have to deal with.

When it comes to industrial valves, opinions can vary. Some utilities prefer to use a self-acting control valve due to the increasing complexity of the process. This valve works completely autonomously and reduces the data processing effort. Other WVU rely on valves with Bluetooth interface or sensor technology. 


Bleeding and venting valve EB 1.12 with DVGW certification

High quality industrial valves, 24/7 and DVGW certified, quick and easy to order online. In the Mankenberg online shop you will also find product classics such as our ozone-resistant bleeding and venting valve EB 1.12 in 3/4″ and 0-6 bar. 

EB 1.12 at mankenberg.shop

To enable a plant designer to accept as many inquiries as possible without causing a high coordination effort with different valve manufacturers, a globally networked and innovative industrial valve manufacturer is needed. With such a partner, you hardly have to worry about the valve issue.

When innovations become unimportant…

We write about innovations and efficient WVU plants that achieve maximum economic efficiency while protecting the environment. 

But we also always keep our holistic responsibility in mind. Of course, we are aware of the poor drinking water supply in some parts of the world. 

Therefore, instead of handing out vast amounts of promotional gifts at Christmas, we donate our Christmas gift budget to a charitable organization. Please feel free to support "Viva con Agua". With these funds, people worldwide are supplied with drinking water.

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