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    Fast reactions for water supply technology

Fast reactions within the supply chain are of great importance for the water supply technology or even WVU.

Market requirements have changed drastically and go on doing so.

The amount of available, clean water has been, is, and will always be a fundamental component of human civilization, a healthy ecosystem, and the economic development of a location. Climate changes, population fluctuations, and associated incalculable demand for food and energy: much pays into the account of changing market demands. The Industrial Revolution 4.0, which many water utilities are following, is changing the market even more rapidly.

Consequently, all those who want to work with WVU, whether as an OEM, planning office or consultant, should be able to cope with these fluctuations.

Three criteria for fast response times and satisfied WVU

WVU do not want a whip effect in their supply chain despite growing demands. Basically, all of this has to do with planning security in the face of changing and growing market demands. Each part of the WVU supply chain is responsible for optimizing its own workflows and value chains to provide this planning security.

The focus should be on three criteria: 1. delivery reliability, 2. delivery capability, and 3. availability of own products and services. Fixed delivery time promises can be added up within the supply chain and passed on to the WVU. If delivery times are also short and can be customized, the added value is greatest.

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