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    Special valves for WVU plant design

This article shows why special valves are needed in the water industry

Anyone who designs facilities for water suppliers (WVU) is familiar with the different situations a water master must deal with.

No two waterworks or water supply companies are alike. Circumstances such as altitude, proximity to rivers or the type of water treatment determine the structure of each plant. Some water masters obtain the vital liquid from wells and groundwater, others as bank filtrate from lakes. Each plant requires different filter systems, different pumps, different water circuits. One sterilizes with ozone, another by oxidation, one has the compatible gravel filter and yet another has completely different system solutions in use.

Wherever there is little consistency in plant design, special valves are needed.

Special valves vs. standard valves. What does my WVU plant need?

What is a special valve anyway? Well, we are sure you have your own definition or description of it in your head. However, a generally valid definition is not so easy. For us, a special valve is an "individually developed solution", everything that we have not stored in the ERP system, everything that our designers are allowed to work on. But that cannot be the measure of all things. Special valves must of course conform to standards in their components, but as an overall design they can deviate from the standard. However, guidelines and certificates must be clearly observed. What is more, for one sector it is a special valve, for another it is a standard valve.

In principle, a special valve is nothing more and nothing less than a valve that has been planned, designed and manufactured to meet the customer's specific requirements. Therefore, we may rephrase the question somewhat. "What does my WVU plant need?" becomes "Which valve manufacturer serves the needs of my WVU plant design?". So anyone involved in WVU plant design needs an industrial valve manufacturer who can provide a customized design and also manufacture in batch sizes of one piece quickly and reliably.

Mankenberg is your specialist for self-acting control valves

From standard valves to customized special solutions - as a medium-sized company, Mankenberg has been standing for optimized solutions with experience and technical know-how since 1885. More than 5,000 active customers speak for themselves.

Mankenberg valves have always been known for their reliability, functional safety and long service life. Operating times of up to 25 years are not unusual. The high life expectancy of our products starts with your consultation, the product selection and the optimal solution for your application. 100% vertical integration at the Lübeck-based facilities subsequently ensures quality, flexibility and adherence to delivery dates for your order.

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