The NV 82 is a compressed air shut-off valve that has been specially developed for water systems with pressure tanks. The valves prevent air from escaping from the pressure tank into the pipe network if the pump fails due to a lack of water, power failure, blockage, etc.. This prevents dangerous water hammers in the pipe network, and there is no loss of compressed air.

The pressure tank must be located in the side connection. As long as the tank is filled with water up to the level of the lower connection piece, the float of the compressed air shut-off valve keeps it open in both directions when water flows through. As soon as air from the pressure tank gets into the compressed air shut-off valve, it closes tightly so that no air can enter the pipe network. When the pump starts pumping again, the compressed air shut-off valve opens automatically and allows the water to flow into the pressure tank. The compressed air shut-off valve only opens as the level rises if the pressure in and behind the valve is approximately zero.

Sebastian Wentzel - sales manager international

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