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The last of its kind: Big-sized Niagara at the customer’s site

Mankenberg still had the cast bodies for the seven steam traps of the Niagara NW 150 in stock. The customer is a leading European producer of bioethanol for a climate-friendly energy supply with an annual production capacity of over 1.3 million m³.

For such production volumes, the NW 150 Niagara is perfect. In addition to the body, the cover and valve cap of the float-controlled steam trap are made of GGG-40, the plug has a metallic seal. The valve is designed for a flow rate of 193 m³/h at 2 bar differential pressure and has an operating pressure range of 0 to 2 bar. It includes a manual air valve G 3/8 made of CrNiMo steel.

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One hundred and twenty years of success

Mankenberg brought the first Niagara onto the market as early as 1904. At the beginning of last century, Mankenberg’s product names contained a statement. And so the patented steam trap with the welded steel ball float, which discharges such unusually high quantities of water, was given the name of the largest waterfall in North America.

Since its market launch, the Niagara has remained almost unchanged in shape and inner parts. Company founder Gustav Mankenberg had realised early on how important the easy accessibility of the valve was for the customer process and designed a special closing cover. The closed steel float was particularly suitable for work without loss of steam in the case of strong fluctuations in pressure and output, even if no condensate was produced. 

At that time, mainly sugar factories used the robust Niagara, which still carried the product name high-performance condensing pot then, but also other industries, such as potato flake or stocking factories. 

Crisis-proof and reliable

Also now – despite challenging conditions – Mankenberg is able to deliver and is always there for its customers. The Niagara enriches the range of steam traps on the homepage www.mankenberg.com and in the online shop www.mankenberg.shop

It forms part of our M-TIME storage and logistics system. However, sizes in NW 150, as with the ones just delivered, are no longer standard, but the available nominal sizes range from 15 to 25.

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