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Why do we present our DM 618 Series at Achema in Frankfurt?

Our loyal existing customers probably already know: Our pressure reducing valves of the DM 618 Series replaces our DM 613, DM 604, DM 603 series, so with the DM 618 Series you get tried and tested, reliable functions and a long operational lifespan but at a more favourable price. Depending on the equipment, our DM 618 pressure reducing valves can be supplied even faster. Our standard equipment for the DM 618 is ready for shipment within 15 working days!

In product management we want to solve customer problems. The value for our DM 618 Series customers are faster delivery times, cheaper prices and better control accuracy. From an internal point of view, however, we at Mankenberg have created an innovation with the DM 618 Series.
The valves are modular, flexible in equipment, can be used for liquids, gases and steam. Additionally, we optimized our production processes and pass the benefits to our customers.

Indication of source: Wladimir Knaub, Product Manager at Mankenberg GmbH (LinkedIn)

From an internal point of view, we speak of the DM 618 Series as an innovation, something newly developed.
At Achema in Frankfurt, which is the leading trade fair for the process industry, this is exactly what it’s all about: innovation and improvement!

This is the simple reason why we are taking the DM 618 Series to Achema in Frankfurt.

So if you want to discuss topics about our DM 618 Series with competent experts get now your Achema tickets for free and visit us at our booth.

You are new to the field of Self-acting Control Valves?

No problem! The following video shows in 3 minutes how such an industrial valve basically works.

Extract from the Variety of our DM618 Series

Honey Tank Heater in Cereal Production – Steam Pressure Reduction

Cereal products have become vital for our everyday life. The available flavours are confusingly varied, but bee honey is still an important ingredient for many of these sweet meals.

Honey that enhances the taste of popped grains or cereal bars loses its flowability under cooler temperatures and transforms into a viscous mass. To prevent this from happening, honey must continuously be heated to a temperature level of approx. 30 to 40 °C.

A leading company in the foodstuffs industry fabricates semi-finished and finished grain products. In the production plant there is a tank of approx. 40 m³ filled with honey which is constantly heated in order to keep the tank content capable of being pumped. In the heating circuit, a steam generator produces water steam with a pressure of 8 bar absolute. In the downstream steam supply line, the pressure of the generated steam is reduced to 4 bar absolute with the help of Mankenberg´s pressure reducing valve and flows through a ball valve that opens pneumatically as soon as the temperature falls below 40 °C.

After that the steam flows into a heat exchanger, condenses there and dissipates the heat to the environment. The arising condensate is separated in a steam trap, flows back in the return line to the condensate collector and is then re-supplied to the steam generator. Mankenberg´s self-acting pressure reducing valve reduces the steam pressure downstream of the valve to the suitable plant pressure of 4 bar absolute.

Read more about it on our Achema 2018 Food and Beverage Page

Engine Test Benches: Pressure Control for a Water Brake

The most important technical parameters of engine-driven plants or systems can already be determined, analysed, and evaluated on a test bench at the factory through detailed tests. On performance test benches the units under test are examined as to whether they correspond to key parameters of the specification such as torque or performance.

The performance test benches perform trial and acceptance tests for hot, i.e. running engines while real operating conditions are simulated. The water powered performance brakes simulate the engine load. They are designed for 1.5 bar at max. 65 m³/h and are very sensitive to overpressure. A pressure reducing valve (DM618) controls the water pressure of the water brake and reliably reduces the fed mains pressure down to the required value of 1.5 bar.

The self-acting control valve regulates the pressure downstream of the valve without pneumatical or electrical control components. The diaphragm-operated and spring-loaded proportional valve is designed for high flow rates and provides reliable and precise control.

Let us discuss about typical DM 618 Series applications at Achema in Frankfurt. Our colleagues at our booth will certainly be able to answer your questions on topics like:

  • Pressure Control
  • FKM elastomeres, PTFE protection foil for diaphragms and other options
  • ASME
  • Steam applications
  • And more…

Let´s take a look at the DM 618 Series Highlights

As you can see: The DM 618 Series offers many advantages. We look forward to seeing you at Achema in Frankfurt.

Read all about our ASME Valve Solutions on our Corporate Website.

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