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The reasons why you need ATEX protection

Relevant news for plant engineers and operators
An explosion is the sudden release of mechanical and thermal energies. In simple terms, an explosion suddenly releases motion energy, heat and pressure into the environment in an abrupt manner.

Three things are needed for an explosion: air, more exactly oxygen, a certain ignition energy as ignition source and some combustible material. In this case, the oxygen as well as the combustible material feed the flames that have ignited through sufficient ignition energy. If these three components are in a certain proportion to each other, an explosion may occur. In the opposite case, should any of these factors be missing, there will be no explosion.

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ATEX for experts –
ATEX with industrial valves: for advanced users

ATEX for non-electric devices
Why ATEX for non-electric devices? For a long time, the design of electric devices has already taken into account explosion protection, if such devices are to be used in explosive atmospheres.

Explosive atmospheres can result in plants due to various production processes e.g. by the handling of gases, vapours, mists or dusts in sectors like the chemical and petrochemical industry, extraction of oil & gas and food production. Combustible substances might form explosive atmospheres in combination with oxygen. An ignition would then entail severe damage to materials and persons.

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ATEX CE-marking

This overview will help you understand ATEX CE-marking. You can also ask one of our ATEX experts for advice.

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