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Food and beverage topics and FAQ

What is food and beverage?

In the industrial production of food and drinks, most of the processing operations employ water, oil or steam as energy carriers. Here the cooking, drying or cooling take place in closed systems. All of these processes are governed by a range of extremely stringent quality and hygiene regulations.

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Vite, vite! Act quickly in the case of a plant shutdown

Some plant shutdowns are planned, others are not

In the event of a production standstill the plant operators often react in two different ways: They give a call either to the machinery and plant manufacturer or directly to a component manufacturer. In both cases the component manufacturer has to react very fast.

Depending on the industry, company size, order volume etc., such plant downtimes can cost a lot of money. Millions of euros can be lost overnight due to delays, for example on shipyards or in power plant construction.

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