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Modular valves with a wide range of connections

Every industry has individual requirements for its system components. Material, surface quality and corrosion resistance are just some of them. To ensure that the system operator receives a valve that is perfectly tailored to his system, the number of product variants often becomes greater.

A modular system is the flexible and cost-effective answer to the special conditions of different customer plants and markets. The following principle applies: standardization wherever possible and configurability wherever necessary.

Such an adaptable modular system for individually configurable valves has a decades-long tradition at Mankenberg. The company started deep-drawing of stainless steel back in the 1970s and developed the "High Grade" modular system. This made it possible to manufacture customized special solutions in addition to standard products at low cost and was the first step towards modular thinking.

EASY-ADAPT: flexible thanks to connection variants

Connection adapters allow for a wide range of connection variants to suit the customer's system. At Mankenberg, this system is called EASY-ADAPT. Compared to cast bodies and welded constructions, EASY-ADAPT offers various advantages. 

The connections are as variable as welded constructions, but more readily available in most cases. Depending on requirements, DIN or ANSI flanges and G or NPT threaded sockets can be fitted. They are stock items.  Other connections, such as Tri-Clamps, can be realized on customer request.

Modularity ensures optimum delivery times

Thanks to the modular body and the EASY-ADAPT connection adapters, the valves are part of Mankenberg's M-TIME storage and logistics system. This means that reliable information can be given about delivery times:

M-BASE: The valve is ready for dispatch approx. 2 working days after order confirmation

M-EDIT: The valve is ready for dispatch approx. 15 working days after order confirmation

M-XTRA: The delivery time for this valve will be enquired as it is a custom-made product


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