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Preview image - Environmental protection at water supply companies (WVU)

Environmental protection at water supply companies (WVU)

Anyone who works with WVU in the long term must be in step with the times…

In addition to economically efficient value creation, ecological resource conservation is indispensable for a WVU. After all, water is life and life is a cycle. The cycles of water must remain clean. Only those who take care of our drinking water are aware of their holistic responsibility.

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image - Fast reactions for water supply technology

Fast reactions for water supply technology

Market requirements have changed drastically and go on doing so.

The amount of available, clean water has been, is, and will always be a fundamental component of human civilization, a healthy ecosystem, and the economic development of a location. Climate changes, population fluctuations, and associated incalculable demand for food and energy: much pays into the account of changing market demands. The Industrial Revolution 4.0, which many water utilities are following, is changing the market even more rapidly.

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preview image - Special valves in WVU system planning

Special valves for WVU plant design

No two waterworks or water supply companies are alike. Circumstances such as altitude, proximity to rivers or the type of water treatment determine the structure of each plant. Some water masters obtain the vital liquid from wells and groundwater, others as bank filtrate from lakes. Each plant requires different filter systems, different pumps, different water circuits. One sterilizes with ozone, another by oxidation, one has the compatible gravel filter and yet another has completely different system solutions in use.

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